T- Documentation with Select Dropdown

The T- Documentation with Select Dropdown module, which lists and categorizes content, is made for creating documentation scripts and knowledge bases. Visitors can clearly and swiftly find the right content via selecting an option using the drop-down menu. Below the dropdown, there's an area for inputting the appropriate content.

- Define the drop-down menu and button text.
- List as many documentation sources as you need.
- Choose group categories.
- Add content to the subgroup categories.

Module Ex. 3

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The TURBO Theme Documentation


Browse the real TURBO Theme Documentation using the link here.



Dear HubSpot user,

Welcome to the TURBO Documentation. This guide was created with the goal to help you understand all the cool features that the TURBO Theme has to offer and give you a hand in navigating through the HubSpot CMS. We hope that our brand-new theme will not only boost your revops performance but also make you feel proud of your brand. Without further ado, we just wanted to thank you for your interest in the TURBO Theme and say that we are very happy to have you here.

Happy HubSpotting!

The ClickRay Team

The TURBO Mission


ClickRay is thrilled to present you with our brand-new, innovative HubSpot theme, called TURBO. The TURBO is aimed at supercharging your marketing campaigns through an intuitive navigation path and strategically-placed conversion points. As the theme centers around ease-of-use and versatility, we wanted to bring you the least amount of modules to manage, while giving you the largest amount of possibilities for functionality. Thanks to this theme that takes the storytelling approach in website design to a whole new level, you will be able to attract your visitors through captivating design elements, engage prospects by customizing your website to their buyer’s journey, and delight your existing clients with groundbreaking modular functionality.

About ClickRay


Your #1 Technical Inbound HubSpot Partner.

We are a team of HubSpot techies who are dedicated to making the Internet an easier place to manage, one website at a time. Beyond creating state-of-the art HubSpot Themes, we help companies scale and grow using Inbound methodology by unifying CRM with CMS, Sales, and Marketing Hubs.



DEMO Website


To show a hands-on example of the TURBO Theme, we created a DEMO website. A DEMO website works like a sweet-tooth sample you can try at a store. It aims to demonstrate the complete and versatile functionality of the modules, complemented by the unique visuals the theme has to offer.