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Creating a website made easy

With modular design, you can quickly drag-and-drop modules and easily add, remove, move or edit them. The layouts are created to present a user-friendly navigation path with strategically placed conversion points to ensure the best conversion results. The modules themselves were created specifically in mind of the newest trends in UI and website design, enhancing the visitor experience on your site.

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Style and customize the Theme to your needs and wants.

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Enjoy your newly-found independence and beautiful digital assets.

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Hubspot Partner since 2012
We continue our long-standing partnership with HubSpot since 2012, when ClickRay became the first company in Eastern Europe to work with their innovative and empowering system. As a HubSpot certified partner, we have access to the most up-to-date marketing tools and the best marketing and sales software available on the market.
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More than 150 completed web design projects

ClickRay specializes in comprehensive website development. Our talented and experienced team has worked on 150+ web design projects that have proven to effortlessly engage visitors, convert prospects, and delight our clientele’s own clients.

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Rated at 5-stars by our clients

We are dedicated to making our clients’ visions come to life and we are extremely proud to be part of their marketing journeys. At ClickRay, we know that most of the marketing strategies fail because people try to find an easy and universal solution. The truth is, there is no one good marketing strategy that fits everybody. That is why we put our clients at the center of our designs, aiming to fulfill and customize the websites to their specific needs and wants.

ClickRay template rocks!!!!

We bought a ClickRay template and it was great, easy to use and the best part was the team support that solved and helped with coding issues Thank you guys
Ohad Shimeon Shushan
Excellent Service at an Affordable Rate

I purchased the Cobalt Modular template from ClickRay. It is a super professional template. I purchased some additional consulting hours from ClickRay for personalization. The team over there was extremely efficient and helpful. They preformed their work fast and did an incredible job. Would highly recommend to any business looking for a website upgrade.
Jace Holyoak
Pine Cove Consulting
Support for bespoke template pages

Superb support. Fast and efficient with profound developers. Best HubSpot web design company we have worked for.
Murat Karagulle

We are making the Internet an easier place to manage, one website at a time.


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